About Kelvin Marshall Nature & Wildlife Photography

The place that I call home is Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia where I am employed as a full-time driver guide/photographer with a strong focus on nature based touring. Over the course of 20 years I have travelled extensively to many countries around the globe. I am a self-taught photographer learning the art with a backpack and a Nikon in hand. I have been very fortunate to travel through some of the last remaining wilderness areas not only here in Australia but also through the savannahs of Africa, and the Tropical Rainforests of Borneo Malaysia where my passion for nature and wildlife developed.

My obsession with wildlife and nature has increased over the years and I have an insatiable thirst to gain more knowledge with all things associated with the natural world. During these years I have also gained undying respect for Mother Nature. I am a great believer in the quote by the late John Paul Ferrero "No-one sets out to become a photographer and then discovers wildlife - you're into wildlife first then comes the photography".

A big challenge for a wildlife photographer is finding the right lighting - I always aim to show the subject in natural lighting conditions, so I avoid using strong flashlights, except at night when there is no alternative. On the forest floor there is very little light, so to achieve sharp pictures I use long exposure times, sometimes up to 30 seconds.

This website is a showcase of my work which is constantly being updated with my latest images which I hope you will find enjoyable.